Author, screenwriter, public speaker, and transgender advocate.

What she stands for and what she offers


 Being transgender, along with associated trans-rights, legal issues, and terminology raises a lot of emotions and can lead to misunderstandings or even hostility. Where is the boundary between gender and sex, and how can someone born one way inherently know that they are a different gender? Friends, relatives, and colleagues all have questions about a situation that can seem bewildering. The trans person themself can become quite defensive as they field highly personal questions. Although no two transitions are the same, having worked with the trans community for many years, Nicola will always try to help those in any stage of transition along with those around them. She is happy to speak to any group or organization as she strives to break down barriers and promote a greater understanding of what it means to be transgender.    

Radio & Media

After twelve years presenting a music radio programme in Hong Kong, and another five reporting as a radio correspondent in New York, Nicola is comfortable with all media. Since Tea and Transition was published in 2015 she has given radio interviews to Dr. Drew (KABC / Los Angeles), Sean Styles (BBC Radio Merseyside), Faune Riggin (KZIM / Missouri), Mark Johnson (WDEV  /Vermont), Phil Whelan (RTHK / Hong Kong) and many others. She has also spoken of her experiences on BBC 5 Live, and BBC 6 Music, and written many op-ed and other articles for both online and print media. If your organization is looking for content or comment, please contact Nicola via the contact page. 

Corporate & Public Speaking

Nicola has great enthusiasm for telling her story to promote wider transgender understanding. She has spoken to many different groups, large and small, in both the UK and New York. Discussing her own life can not only help others who are in various stages of transition but also family members, friends, colleagues, and those around that person who aren't sure how to react. Nicola's transition happened later in life and it is often a comfort for others in the same situation to hear first-hand that they are not alone. If you are a group who would like to hear Nicola's story, or part of a company or corporation that wants to further promote inclusivity, please contact Nicola. Examples of events are on the multimedia page.

Location & Connection

In 2018, Nicola left her beloved New York and relocated back to the UK. This was primarily to be closer to her mother, Ann Chase, who had been such a key part of her transition. Nicola is now living in rural Herefordshire, looking after a house that dates back to the 15th century, and a garden slightly younger. However, she is able to travel for speaking engagements or to talk to British media anywhere within the UK by arrangement. She also welcomes global media inquiries for online discussions. Please use the contact page to initiate.