Author, screenwriter, public speaker, and transgender advocate.

Nicola's plans for the big screen


A big idea

"Even before Tea and Transition came out I realized that there was still so much of a story left to tell. New experiences were still happening to me all the time, and having reached a point of physical completion, I could now get on with my life as the woman I was. Part of that future was dating. Would that then lead to sex, and if so, would that mean I would be losing my virginity for the second time. Now that is a story!" 

Can a straight guy love a trans woman?

"Although I touched on dating within Tea and Transition, my life took many new turns as I dipped further into the dating pool. Bars, speed dating, online... there seemed to be a common thread: if guys were unaware of my past then they wanted to date me, but if they knew I was trans then they did not.  That posed a related question for online dating: should I state 'trans' on my profile or should that be a conversation for later? After many disappointing experiences and awkward conversations I returned to the basic question, 'can a straight guy fall in love with a transgender woman?' How many straight guys can actually hold their hand up and say yes?" 

Losing It Twice

"Having decided that this question was the backbone of a film, it was full speed ahead in writing a screenplay. I used the working title of The Why Gene initially, but as I focused more on the concept of finding love, that turned into the more evocative Losing It Twice. But to get an audience captivated, one that may not be LGBTQI based, requires more than a basic question. Humour is integral. For me, there really were laugh-out-loud moments along the way which are now reflected in the screenplay. The right music is crucial too. Drawing on my own DJ and radio history, this will be a pulsating score like no other. Kirsty McColl, Richard Hawley, Jackie DeShannon... This will be a film as much about music as it is about being trans.

Initial transposition

"I could clearly see the bigger picture and vividly imagine it on the big screen. Although not a direct continuation of Tea and Transition, the central characters from the book remain but with some wonderful new ones thrown into the mix. It is all based in New York, with scenes and scenarios that New Yorkers will equate to and others might aspire to. The cocktail bar, the diner, speed-dating, Central Park, it's all there."

Reality strikes

"Of course, everyone and his dog thinks that they have the perfect screenplay that will be the Next Big Thing. However, I have no such life-changing aspirations. I see Losing It Twice within a film festival vibe; one where I am an integral part of the production and promotion. I also see myself playing the lead. I know that finding the right film maker is not going to be easy, but I also know that they are out there. The screenplay needed to be as sharp, funny, and tight as I could make it. I was also working with a script adviser, and by summer 2019 I felt the project was reaching a really positive threshold."

Timing is everything

"Then in September 2019 disaster struck. My Mum passed away and the world was taken from under my feet. It's only now, the spring of 2020, that I feel I am able to really move this project forward again."

The next step

"I have learned a lot in the last five years since I started mapping out Losing It Twice. I know far more about the fickleness of the film industry but also have renewed confidence that this film really could fill a niche. I have returned to work with the same script adviser and I look forward to finally get this project ready to pitch." 

How YOU can help

"What I need now is a producer with a track record, ideally with New York connections as the film is set there. Ultimately, I seek a creative partner to work with to get this project made. Someone with enthusiasm for my story and appreciation for its potential. If you can assist or know someone in any area of the film industry who might, please get in touch."

I'll keep you posted

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Losing It Twice

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